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YouTube Embed Code: Tidying Up Embedded Videos on Blog Posts

YouTube Embed Code: ?rel=0&controls=1&modestbranding=1&showinfo=0&showsearch=0&autohide=2&theme=1 Good day! I just want to quickly show you a little trick that I’ve used which tidies up the YouTube videos that I embed on my blog. It gets rid of a lot of the extra crap that you don’t really need and also removes this page here at the end […]

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How to Update WordPress

Download PDF Here WordPress releases an update to correct bugs, improvements to functions and display formats. It is, however, advised that you do not update your version once WordPress makes an announcement. The plugins that are installed need also to catch up with the changes. Once you update and plugins have not made any updates […]

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Online Marketing Strategies With Video

The average Internet user reportedly watches 186 videos every month on a variety of topics, including news and entertainment, advertising and personal videos. In a survey among online retailers, a majority revealed that online sales jumped tremendously after adding videos to their sites. As a complement to other online marketing strategies, video is highly effective […]

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