YouTube Embed Code: Tidying Up Embedded Videos on Blog Posts

YouTube Embed Code:


Good day! I just want to quickly show you a little trick that I’ve used which tidies up the YouTube videos that I embed on my blog. It gets rid of a lot of the extra crap that you don’t really need and also removes this page here at the end which shows related videos. It essentially takes people away from your content potentially on to other stuff and they end up watching dog surfing and stuff like that which is not what you want them to be doing. You want them focused on your website and that sort of thing.

So firstly, I put this little bit of code here. Now, I’ve added this down just below this video here so you can just simply copy and paste and use it yourself. So we just copy that and go to our WordPress dashboard. You can see here, this is the visual editor, that’s where your YouTube video goes above all the text and we just need to switch out to the HTML editor. This little bit of code at the top here, that’s all the code for the YouTube video. The way I get this is in YouTube, once you have uploaded the video, you click on share then click on embed, it gives you this iframe embed code which puts in that YouTube video for you. Now, this little bit of extra code that I’ve got, just paste it in here at the end of that YouTube code and you can see here that question mark there is the start of my little bit of code all the way through the end. We’ll just update this and I’ll show you how it comes out. So you can see here that it’s tidied up, the look of the YouTube video no longer has the bar across the top and also there is a YouTube branding there which does appear but will disappear. Also, at the end of the video, you don’t get any related video display. Now one last thing you can actually do here is also remove the controls by simply changing “1” here after controls =1, you can change that to a 0 and update that. You can see here that comes up with an even nicer looking video without any other things going around it which can be great for some. But then also other people might prefer to have a bit of control over the video that they’re watching and will be able to see how far through it and that sort of thing. So, it probably is best to leave the controls in there most of the time.

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